Video Game Disc Pro Repair Service Resurface Wii Xbox Playstation Sega GameCube

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Professional Disc Repair Service for selected number of Discs.

We can restore your disc surface to look as New or close to New

From any non blu-ray(we repair blu-ray as well)  discs we can remove even deep scratches.

We have an industry leading machine (Eco Master, Eco Auto-Smart) This are best Machines on the market. 

Some problems are beyond repair:

  • Deep gouges/scratches which damaged data layer
  • Cracks
  • Heat damage
  • Data loss
  • Top side label damage
  • Disc rot  

How it works:

  • Select how many discs would you like to repair and check out - pay
  • You need to send - ship the discs to address which will be provided after purchase.
  • We are located in Ottawa/Greely, Ontario
  • Most of the time we repair the discs within 1-2 after receiving the shipment
  • You will need to pay to send the discs to us and we will pay shipping back to you
  • Best is to pack the discs in small package without cases with data layers tuned agains each other and rubber band them as pictured above.

Success rate of repair is high above 90%. We repair all discs however blu-ray discs repair success rate isn't high and while disc will look slightly better it might not work, any other listing who claims excellent repair rate for blu-ray is misleading. Blu-ray data layer is so close to surface that damage is beyond repair and repair success isn't high. I'll repeat anyone telling different is misleading. Same with Gamecube games, while with GameCube disc will be resurfaced and look as or close to new the game might not play, who ever claims different is misleading you.
We use exact same highest end machines.

For any other games success rate is above 90% if there is no irreparable damage not related to resurfacing.

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at any time! Your satisfaction is my priority!